rock n roll music history biographiesArtist biographies are an integral part of understanding the history of any musical form, and Rock ’n’ Roll is no exception.  Much can be gleaned about their music, influences, impacts, and legacy, merely by knowing their history.  What happened?  When?  And why?

Here at Rock ’n’ Roll Music History, the biographies are summaries of the history of an artist.  I don’t claim them to be all encompassing.  In fact, I’m not sure that’s even possible.  Take The Beatles, for example.  A multi-volume set is being written as I type this, so there is no way I can  be complete.  But, what I strive for is to summarize all aspects of an artist’s history, from their beginnings to the many changes that occur during their careers.  I will also include as much as possible about their recordings, musical influences, and, finally, their legacies.  I hope you come away with a greater appreciation for an artist after reading their biography.

Note:  The list of artists included is growing, so if you have a suggestion for one not on the list, please leave me a comment and I’ll work on it.  Thanks!

Below, you will find links to the artists currently profiled:

Buffalo Springfield


Dire Straits



Fever Tree

Grand Funk Railroad

Iron Butterfly

Lovin’ Spoonful

Royal Guardsmen



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