Discography Policy

Here at Rock ’N’ Roll Music History, I try my best to be complete when providing the discographies for the artists on this site.  But, there are some guidelines I used on what to include and what to exclude, and I thought I should spell those out.

1. No compilation albums, like greatest hits, unless one is significant in determining the legacy of an artist.

2. No re-issues, except in certain circumstances such as the following:

A. Initial release flopped, but the re-issue was a hit

B. Artists moved from an obscure label to a larger label, and the item was issued on both

3. No EP’s because I believe it would be almost impossible to capture all relevant releases.

4. For singles, I try to include cassettes, CDs and digital downloads, but make no promise of completeness, particularly with digital downloads.

5. No promotional releases because completeness is most likely impossible.  For example, some promotional issues were regional in scope, making it difficult to include all releases.

6. Live albums are included, but limited to releases during the time period the artist was performing or shortly thereafter.  There are some very interesting live albums that have been released in the last ten years or so, but decades after the artist stopped performing.  There are excluded because they did little or nothing to build the legacy of the artist.

7. No Record Day releases, in part because most of these are re-issues, but also for the difficulty in being complete.

So, there you have my guidelines.  I know not everyone will agree with me, but I had to set some limits, and there they are.  Obviously, if I’ve omitted something that should be included, please let me know.  Leave a comment on the appropriate post.  I appreciate it.


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