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The Blues Project was a group from Greenwich Village in New York, noted for their mastery of a wide range of musical styles and influences, including folk, blues, R&B, jazz and pop.  Unfortunately, the were not together as a group for long, and so their recorded output is rather meager.  Here is The Blues Project singles discography.

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The Blues Project Singles Discography



Kooper – Al Kooper


Verve Folkways KF 5004
Jan. 1966
Produced by Tom Wilson
A.  Back Door Man – 2:33 – Willie Dixon, Chester Burnett
B.  Violets Of Dawn – 2:55 – Eric Andersen


Verve Folkways KF5013
May 1966
Producer not listed
A.  I Want To Be Your Driver – 2:23 – Chuck Berry
B.  Catch The Wind – 3:04 – Donovan Leitch


Verve Folkways KF5019
July 1966
Produced by Wally Gold (A-side), Jerry Schoenbaum (B-side)
A.  Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire – 2:27 – Kooper, Irwin Levine, Bob Brass
B.  Goin’ Down Louisiana – 4:03 – Muddy Waters


Verve Folkways KF5032
Nov. 1966
Produced by Tom Wilson (A-side), Jerry Schoenbaum (B-side)
A.  I Can’t Keep From Crying – 2:39 – Blind Willie Johnson
B.  The Way My Baby Walks – 3:10 – Andy Kulberg
Note:  The A-side is actually an adaptation, written by Al Kooper, of the traditional gospel song Lord, I Just Can’t Keep From Crying, originally recorded by Blind Willie Johnson


Verve Folkways KF-5040
Billboard Hot 100:  entry – 1 Apr. 1967, peak – 96, stay – 2 weeks
Produced by Tom Wilson
A.  No Time Like The Right Time – 2:40 – Kooper
B.  Steve’s Song – 3:20 – Steve Katz


Verve Forecast KF 5063
Sep. 1967
Produced by Shadow Morton
A.  Gentle Dreams – 2:40 – Steve Katz, Andy Kulberg
B.  Lost In The Shuffle – 2:57 – John McDuffy, Joel O’Brien


MCA MCA-40154
Dec. 1973
Produced by Al Kooper, Andy Kulberg
A.  Fly Away – 3:28 – Kooper
B.  Louisiana Blues – 4:15 – McKinley Morganfield
Shown as by The Original Blues Project


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Blues Project Singles Discography

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