rock n roll music historyRock ’n’ Roll Music had its beginnings in the late 1940’s, but really exploded on the scene in 1955.  Bill Haley’s “Rock Around The Clock”.  Chuck Berry’s “Maybelline”.  Then Elvis.  And Buddy Holly.  The Beatles…  The Rolling Stones…  And so, so much more.

So, what is Rock ’n’ Roll?  What is Rock?  Or pop, for that matter.  Well, I believe everyone probably has their own idea, but I prefer the view of Bob Stanley.  In his book Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! The Story Of Pop Music From Bill Haley To Beyonce (published by W.W. Norton, 2013), he writes:

“… the separation of rock and pop is false…”


“What exactly is pop?  For me, it includes rock, R&B, soul, hip hop, house,
techno, metal, and country.”

That’s a pretty wide definition, certainly.  Some may argue this is too inclusive, but I disagree.  All of these musical forms can trace their evolution back to blues, jazz, country, classical, and the popular music of the 1920’s and 30’s.  And even earlier, in some cases.  And so, you will find in this site, a variety of music, some of which may not seem to fit.  In my opinion, it is all linked; it just may not be readily apparent.

rock n roll music history

One last quote from Stanley that I think is important:

“We have to know where music has come from in order to understand where it’s at
and where it could be heading.”

This site, Rock ’n’ Roll Music History, exists to tell the story of what has become the most popular music form today.  The site features not only the biographies of the artists, but much more.  It contains their discographies, both albums and singles.  It also has some of the many stories that have become part of musical lore through the years.

So, click one of the following links to get started.  Relax, get comfortable and enjoy the rich history of Rock ’n’ Roll Music.

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